T-systems with Boundaries from Network Solutions

  • Philippe Di Francesco
  • Rinat Kedem
Keywords: discrete integrable systems, cluster algebra, networks


In this paper, we use the network solution of the $A_r$ $T$-system to derive that of the unrestricted $A_\infty$ $T$-system, equivalent to the octahedron relation.  We then present a method for implementing various boundary conditions on this system, which consists of picking initial data with suitable symmetries. The corresponding restricted $T$-systems are solved exactly in terms of networks. This gives a simple explanation for phenomena such as the Zamolodchikov periodicity property for $T$-systems (corresponding to the case $A_\ell\times A_r$) and a combinatorial interpretation for the positive Laurent property for the variables of the associated cluster algebra. We also explain the relation between the $T$-system wrapped on a torus and the higher pentagram maps of Gekhtman et al.

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