Random Lifts of Graphs are Highly Connected

  • Marcin Witkowski
Keywords: Random Graphs, Lifts of Graphs


In this note we study asymptotic properties of random lifts of graphs introduced by Amit and Linial as a new model of random graphs. Given a base graph $G$ and an integer $n$, a random lift of $G$ is obtained by replacing each vertex of $G$ by a set of $n$ vertices, and joining these sets by random matchings whenever the corresponding vertices of $G$ are adjacent. In this paper we study connectivity properties of random lifts. We show that the size of the largest topological clique in typical random lifts, with $G$ fixed and $n\rightarrow\infty$, is equal to the maximum degree of the core of $G$ plus one. A similar idea can be used to prove that for any graph $G$ with $\delta(G)\geq2k-1$ almost every random lift of $G$ is $k$-linked.
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