Abaci Structures of $(s, ms\pm1)$-Core Partitions

  • Rishi Nath
  • James A. Sellers
Keywords: Young diagrams, Symmetric group, $p$-Cores, Abaci, Triangular numbers


We develop a geometric approach to the study of $(s,ms-1)$-core and $(s,ms+1)$-core partitions through the associated $ms$-abaci. This perspective yields new proofs for results of H. Xiong and A. Straub on the enumeration of $(s, s+1)$ and $(s,ms-1)$-core partitions with distinct parts. It also enumerates $(s, ms+1)$-cores with distinct parts. Furthermore, we calculate the weight of the $(s, ms-1,ms+1)$-core partition with the largest number of parts. Finally we use 2-core partitions to enumerate self-conjugate core partitions with distinct parts. The central idea is that the $ms$-abaci of maximal $(s,ms\pm1)$-cores can be built up from $s$-abaci of $(s,s\pm 1)$-cores in an elegant way.
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