Degree 2 Boolean Functions on Grassmann Graphs

  • Jan De Beule
  • Jozefien D'haeseleer
  • Ferdinand Ihringer
  • Jonathan Mannaert


We investigate the existence of Boolean degree $d$ functions on the Grassmann graph of $k$-spaces in the vector space $\mathbb{F}_q^n$. For $d=1$ several non-existence and classification results are known, and no non-trivial examples are known for $n \geq 5$. This paper focusses on providing a list of examples on the case $d=2$ in general dimension and in particular for $(n, k)=(6,3)$ and $(n,k) = (8, 4)$.

We also discuss connections to the analysis of Boolean functions, regular sets/equitable bipartitions/perfect 2-colorings in graphs, $q$-analogs of designs, and permutation groups. In particular, this represents a natural generalization of Cameron-Liebler line classes.

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