Volume 19, Issue 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


The Lowest-Degree Polynomial with Nonnegative Coefficients Divisible by the $n$-th Cyclotomic Polynomial PDF
John P. Steinberger P1
Constructions of Bipartite and Bipartite-regular Hypermaps PDF
Rui Duarte P2
Invariant Principal Order Ideals under Foata’s Transformation PDF
Teresa X.S. Li, Melissa Y.F. Miao P3
Some Constant Weight Codes from Primitive Permutation Groups PDF
Derek H. Smith, Roberto Montemanni P4
Rainbow Connection of Sparse Random Graphs PDF
Alan Frieze, Charalampos E. Tsourakakis P5
Uniquely $K_r$-Saturated Graphs PDF
Stephen G. Hartke, Derrick Stolee P6
On Extensions of the Alon-Tarsi Latin Square Conjecture PDF COMMENT
Daniel Kotlar P7
Orientations, Semiorders, Arrangements, and Parking Functions PDF
Sam Hopkins, David Perkinson P8
The Closed Knight Tour Problem in Higher Dimensions PDF
Joshua Erde, Bruno Golénia, Sylvain Golénia P9
Maximum Frustration in Bipartite Signed Graphs PDF
Garry S Bowlin P10
Repetition Threshold for Circular Words PDF
Irina A. Gorbunova P11
Hypohamiltonian Graphs and their Crossing Number PDF
Carol T. Zamfirescu P12
Spectral Properties of Unitary Cayley Graphs of Finite Commutative Rings PDF
Xiaogang Liu, Sanming Zhou P13
Locally Restricted Compositions IV. Nearly Free Large Parts and Gap-Freeness PDF
Edward A. Bender, E. Rodney Canfield, Zhicheng Gao P14
New Proofs of Determinant Evaluations Related to Plane Partitions PDF
Hjalmar Rosengren P15
Ehrhart $f^*$-Coefficients of Polytopal Complexes are Non-negative Integers PDF
Felix Breuer P16
Finite Homomorphism-Homogeneous Permutations via Edge Colourings of Chains PDF
Igor Dolinka, Éva Jungábel P17
Large 2-Coloured Matchings in 3-Coloured Complete Hypergraphs PDF
Tamás Terpai P18
Canonical Decompositions of Affine Permutations, Affine Codes, and Split $k$-Schur Functions PDF
Tom Denton P19
On Codes that are Invariant under the Affine Group PDF
Peter Sin P20
A Simple Branching Process Approach to the Phase Transition in $G_{n,p}$ PDF
Béla Bollobás, Oliver Riordan P21
Schur Polynomials, Banded Toeplitz Matrices and Widom's Formula PDF
Per Alexandersson P22
A Note on Automorphisms of the Infinite-Dimensional Hypercube Graph PDF
Mark Pankov P23
Large Incidence-free Sets in Geometries PDF
Stefaan De Winter, Jeroen Schillewaert, Jacques Verstraete P24
Distance Powers and Distance Matrices of Integral Cayley Graphs over Abelian Groups PDF
Walter Klotz, Torsten Sander P25
Irreducible Cycles and Points in Special Position in Moduli Spaces for Tropical Curves PDF
Andreas Gathmann, Franziska Schroeter P26
On the Parity of Certain Coefficients for a $q$-Analogue of the Catalan Numbers PDF
Kendra Killpatrick P27
Properties of Random Difference Graphs PDF
Christopher Ross P28
Partially Ordinal Sums and $P$-partitions PDF
Daniel K. Du, Qing-Hu Hou P29
Resolving Sets and Semi-Resolving Sets in Finite Projective Planes PDF
Tamás Héger, Marcella Takáts P30
A Construction of Short Sequences Containing All Permutations of a Set as Subsequences PDF
Sasa Radomirovic P31
Identifying Vertex Covers in Graphs PDF
Michael A Henning, Anders Yeo P32
Structure of Colored Complete Graphs Free of Proper Cycles PDF
Vincent Coll, Colton Magnant, Kathleen Ryan P33
Some Convolution Identities and an Inverse Relation Involving Partial Bell Polynomials PDF
Daniel Birmajer, Juan B. Gil, Michael D. Weiner P34
The (Signless Laplacian) Spectral Radii of Connected Graphs with Prescribed Degree Sequences PDF
Muhuo Liu P35
Ramsey Numbers $R(K_3, G)$ for Graphs of Order 10 PDF
Gunnar Brinkmann, Jan Goedgebeur, Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta P36
The Hitting Time of Rainbow Connection Number Two PDF
Annika Heckel, Oliver Riordan P37
A Proof of Erdős-Fishburn's Conjecture for $g(6)=13$ PDF
Wei Xianglin P38
Combinatorial Expansions in $K$-Theoretic Bases PDF
Jason Bandlow, Jennifer Morse P39
Münchhausen Matrices PDF
Michael Brand P40
Counting Bases of Representable Matroids PDF
Michael Snook P41
Hopf Algebra of Building Sets PDF
Vladimir Grujić, Tanja Stojadinović P42
An Ordered Turán Problem for Bipartite Graphs PDF
Craig Timmons P43
Optimal Divisibility Conditions for Loose Hamilton Cycles in Random Hypergraphs PDF
Andrzej Dudek, Alan Frieze, Po-Shen Loh, Shelley Speiss P44
Γ-Species and the Enumeration of $k$-Trees PDF
Andrew Gainer-Dewar P45
The Tau Constant and the Edge Connectivity of a Metrized Graph PDF
Zubeyir Cinkir P46
Three Color Ramsey Numbers for Graphs with at most 4 Vertices PDF
Luis Boza, Janusz Dybizbański, Tomasz Dzido P47
Further Analysis on the Total Number of Subtrees of Trees PDF
Shuchao Li, Shujing Wang P48
On Cross-Intersecting Families of Set Partitions PDF
Cheng Yeaw Ku, Kok Bin Wong P49
List-Coloring Graphs on Surfaces with Varying List-Sizes PDF
Alice M. Dean, Joan P. Hutchinson P50
On the Spanning Trees of the Hypercube and other Products of Graphs PDF
Olivier Bernardi P51
On the Number of Partition Weights with Kostka Multiplicity One PDF
Zachary Gates, Brian Goldman, C. Ryan Vinroot P52
Connectivity for Random Graphs from a Weighted Bridge-Addable Class PDF
Colin McDiarmid P53
The Number of Ways to Assemble a Graph PDF
Andrew Vince, Miklós Bóna P54
Generalized Alcuin's Sequence PDF
Daniel Panario, Murat Sahin, Qiang Wang P55
Identifying Codes of Lexicographic Product of Graphs PDF
Min Feng, Min Xu, Kaishun Wang P56

ISSN: 1077-8926