Volume 20, Issue 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Some Relational Structures with Polynomial Growth and their Associated Algebras I: Quasi-Polynomiality of the Profile PDF
Maurice Pouzet, Nicolas Marc Thiéry P1
Asymptotic Lower Bounds on Circular Chromatic Index of Snarks PDF
Martin Mačaj, Ján Mazák P2
Maximal Antichains of Minimum Size PDF
Thomas Kalinowski, Uwe Leck, Ian T. Roberts P3
Coloring the Cube with Rainbow Cycles PDF
Dhruv Mubayi, Randall Stading P4
Pattern Avoidance in Matchings and Partitions PDF
Jonathan Bloom, Sergi Elizalde P5
Direct Bijective Computation of the Generating Series for 2 and 3-Connection Coefficients of the Symmetric Group PDF
Alejandro H. Morales, Ekaterina A. Vassilieva P6
Erdös-Gyárfás Conjecture for Cubic Planar Graphs PDF
Christopher Carl Heckman, Roi Krakovski P7
Counting Families of Mutually Intersecting Sets PDF
A. E. Brouwer, C. F. Mills, W. H. Mills, A. Verbeek P8
The Biased Odd Cycle Game PDF
Asaf Ferber, Roman Glebov, Michael Krivelevich, Hong Liu, Cory Palmer, Tomas Valla, Máté Vizer P9
Decomposition of Triply Rooted Trees PDF
William Y.C. Chen, Janet F.F. Peng, Harold R.L. Yang P10
A Simple Proof of an Identity of Lacasse PDF
Yidong Sun P11
Sisterhood in the Gale-Shapley Matching Algorithm PDF
Yannai A. Gonczarowski, Ehud Friedgut P12
A Combinatorial Proof of an Identity for the Divisor Generating Function PDF
Masanori Ando P13
Non-Classical Hyperplanes of $DW(5,q)$ PDF
Bart De Bruyn P14
General Lower Bounds on Maximal Determinants of Binary Matrices PDF
Richard P. Brent, Judy-anne H. Osborn P15
On Optimality of Designs with Three Distinct Eigenvalues PDF
M. R. Faghihi, E. Ghorbani, G. B. Khosrovshahi, S. Tat P16
New Results in t-Tone Coloring of Graphs PDF
Daniel Cranston, Jaehoon Kim, William Kinnersley P17
An Inductive Approach to Constructing Universal Cycles on the k-Subsets of [n] PDF
Yevgeniy Rudoy P18
On the Skew Spectra of Cartesian Products of Graphs PDF
Cui Denglan, Hou Yaoping P19
Minimal Covers of the Archimedean Tilings, Part II PDF
Mark Mixer, Daniel Pellicer, Gordon Williams P20
On the Cartesian Product of Non Well-Covered Graphs PDF
Bert L Hartnell, Douglas F Rall P21
Circular Nim Games PDF
Matthieu Dufour, Silvia Heubach P22
Random Lifts of Graphs are Highly Connected PDF
Marcin Witkowski P23
The Capture Time of the Hypercube PDF
Anthony Bonato, Przemysław Gordinowicz, Bill Kinnersley, Paweł Prałat P24
Hamilton Saturated Hypergraphs of Essentially Minimum Size PDF
Andrzej Ruciński, Andrzej Żak P25
Fixed Point Polynomials of Permutation Groups PDF
C. M. Harden, D. B. Penman P26
On the Shannon Capacity of Triangular Graphs PDF DATA
Ashik Mathew Kizhakkepallathu, Patric RJ Östergård, Alexandru Popa P27
Excedance Numbers for the Permutations of Type B PDF
Alina F.Y. Zhao P28
Congruences for $q$-Lucas Numbers PDF
Hao Pan P29
On the Rank of $p$-Schemes PDF
Fateme Raei Barandagh, Amir Rahnamai Barghi P30
Labeling the Regions of the Type $C_n$ Shi Arrangement PDF
Karola Mészáros P31
Face Numbers of Centrally Symmetric Polytopes Produced from Split Graphs PDF
Ragnar Freij, Matthias Henze, Moritz W. Schmitt, Günter M. Ziegler P32
Coupon Collector Problem for Non-Uniform Coupons and Random Quotas PDF
Nathan B. Shank, Hannah Yang P33
An Extension Theorem for Terraces PDF
Matt Ollis, Devin Willmott P34
Orders Induced by Segments in Floorplans and $(2 - 14 - 3, 3 - 41 - 2)$-Avoiding Permutations PDF
Andrei Asinowski, Gill Barequet, Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Toufik Mansour, Ron Y. Pinter P35
Near Packings of Graphs PDF
Andrzej Zak P36
On the Number of Nonequivalent Propelinear Extended Perfect Codes PDF
Joaquim Borges, Ivan Yu. Mogilnykh, Josep Rifà, Faina I. Solov'eva P37
The Number of Rooted Trees of Given Depth PDF
Péter Pál Pach, Gabriella Pluhár, András Pongrácz, Csaba Szabó P38
Affine Primitive Groups and Semisymmetric Graphs PDF
Hua Han, Zaiping Lu P39
On Blow-Ups and Injectivity of Quivers PDF
Will Grilliette, Deborah E. Seacrest, Tyler Seacrest P40
Multivariate Fuss-Narayana Polynomials and their Application to Random Matrices PDF
Romuald Lenczewski, Rafal Salapata P41
Integer Points in Knapsack Polytopes and $s$-Covering Radius PDF
Iskander Aliev, Martin Henk, Eva Linke P42
Which Exterior Powers are Balanced? PDF
Devlin Mallory, Abigail Raz, Christino Tamon, Thomas Zaslavsky P43
Generating and Enumerating 321-Avoiding and Skew-Merged Simple Permutations PDF
Michael H. Albert, Vincent Vatter P44
Cores of Vertex Transitive Graphs PDF
David E. Roberson P45
On Slowly Percolating Sets of Minimal Size in Bootstrap Percolation PDF
Fabricio Benevides, Michał Przykucki P46
Graphs on Affine and Linear Spaces and Deuber Sets PDF
David S. Gunderson, Hanno Lefmann P47
On the Topology of the Cambrian Semilattices PDF
Myrto Kallipoliti, Henri Mühle P48
On the Maximum Number of $k$-Hooks of Partitions of $n$ PDF
Anna R.B. Fan, Harold R.L. Yang, Rebecca T. Yu P49
Distinguishing Maps II: General Case PDF
Thomas W. Tucker P50
Generalized Balanced Tournament Designs with Block Size Four PDF
Yeow Meng Chee, Han Mao Kiah, Chengmin Wang P51
Random Graphs from a Weighted Minor-Closed Class PDF
Colin McDiarmid P52
On the Union Complexity of Diametral Disks PDF
Boris Aronov, Muriel Dulieu, Rom Pinchasi, Micha Sharir P53
On Drawings and Decompositions of 1-Planar Graphs PDF
Július Czap, Dávid Hudák P54
Barred Preferential Arrangements PDF
Connor Ahlbach, Jeremy Usatine, Nicholas Pippenger P55
Counting $k$-Convex Polyominoes PDF
Anne Micheli, Dominique Rossin P56
Multiplicative Partitions PDF
Marc Chamberland, Colin Johnson, Alice Nadeau, Bingxi Wu P57
A Combinatorial Proof of an Identity from Ramanujan's Lost Notebook PDF
Lishuang Lin, Jian Liu, Yezhou Wang P58
Note on Upper Density of Quasi-Random Hypergraphs PDF
Vindya Bhat, Vojtěch Rödl P59
Vanishing of Doubly Symmetrized Tensors PDF
Andrew Berget, J. A. Dias da Silva, Amélia Fonseca P60
Modular Schur Numbers PDF
Jonathan Chappelon, María Pastora Revuelta Marchena, María Isabel Sanz Domínguez P61
On the Turán Number of Forests PDF
Hong Liu, Bernard Lidicky, Cory Palmer P62
Integral Cayley Multigraphs over Abelian and Hamiltonian Groups PDF
Matt DeVos, Roi Krakovski, Bojan Mohar, Azhvan Sheikh Ahmady P63
Rooted $K_4$-Minors PDF
Ruy Fabila-Monroy, David R. Wood P64

ISSN: 1077-8926