Volume 20, Issue 3 (2013)



Maximum Planar Subgraphs in Dense Graphs PDF
Peter Allen, Jozef Skokan, Andreas Würfl P1
Gromov Hyperbolicity in Strong Product Graphs PDF
Walter Carballosa, Rocío M. Casablanca, Amauris de la Cruz, José M. Rodríguez P2
Degree Distribution of an Inhomogeneous Random Intersection Graph PDF
Mindaugas Bloznelis, Julius Damarackas P3
Limits of Modified Higher $q,t$-Catalan Numbers PDF
Kyungyong Lee, Li Li, Nicholas A Loehr P4
Recognition and Characterization of Chronological Interval Digraphs PDF
Sandip Das, Mathew Francis, Pavol Hell, Jing Huang P5
A Bound on Permutation Codes PDF
Jürgen Bierbrauer, Klaus Metsch P6
An Identity Conjectured by Lacasse via the Tree Function PDF
Helmut Prodinger P7
$(2,m,n)$-groups with Euler characteristic equal to $-2^as^b$ PDF
Nick Gill P8
Geometric Constructions for Symmetric 3-Configurations PDF
Leah Wrenn Berman P9
On the Independence Numbers of the Cubes of Odd Cycles PDF
Tom Bohman, Ron Holzman, Venkatesh Natarajan P10
Extensions to $2$-Factors in Bipartite Graphs PDF
Jennifer Vandenbussche, Douglas B. West P11
A Plethysm Formula on the Characteristic Map of Induced Linear Characters from $U_n(\mathbb F_q)$ to $GL(\mathbb F_q)$ PDF
Zhi Chen P12
The Number of Euler Tours of Random Directed Graphs PDF
Páidí Creed, Mary Cryan P13
Generalized Permutohedra, h-Vectors of Cotransversal Matroids and Pure O-Sequences PDF
Suho Oh P14
Balanced Vertex Decomposable Simplicial Complexes and their h-vectors PDF
Jennifer Biermann, Adam Van Tuyl P15
Symmetry in Gardens of Eden PDF
Christiaan Hartman, Marijn J. H. Heule, Kees Kwekkeboom, Alain Noels P16
Eigenvalue Pairing in the Response Matrix for a Class of Network Models with Circular Symmetry PDF
Miriam Farber, Charles R Johnson, Wei Zhen P17
A Characterization of Graphs by Codes from their Incidence Matrices PDF
Peter Dankelmann, Jennifer D. Key, Bernardo G. Rodrigues P18
An Inhomogeneous Lambda-Determinant PDF
Philippe Di Francesco P19
Regularity of Join-meet Ideals of Distributive Lattices PDF
Viviana Ene, Ayesha Asloob Qureshi, Asia Rauf P20
The Spectral Excess Theorem for Distance-Biregular Graphs. PDF
Miquel Àngel Fiol P21
The Combinatorics of Interval Vector Polytopes PDF
Matthias Beck, Jessica De Silva, Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins, Joseph Pruitt, Amanda Ruiz P22
Can Colour-Blind Distinguish Colour Palettes? PDF
Rafał Kalinowski, Monika Pilśniak, Jakub Przybyło, Mariusz Woźniak P23
Embedding Cycles in Finite Planes PDF
Felix Lazebnik, Keith E. Mellinger, Oscar Vega P24
A Note on Total and Paired Domination of Cartesian Product Graphs PDF
K. Choudhary, S. Margulies, I. V. Hicks P25
The Edit Distance Function and Symmetrization PDF
Ryan R. Martin P26
The Adjacency Matroid of a Graph PDF
Lorenzo Traldi, Robert Brijder, Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom P27
Greedy Trees, Subtrees and Antichains PDF
Eric Ould Dadah Andriantiana, Stephan Wagner, Hua Wang P28
Medial Symmetry Type Graphs PDF
Isabel Hubard, María del Río Francos, Alen Orbanić, Tomaž Pisanski P29
On Sumsets of Multisets in $\mathbb{Z}_p^m$ PDF
Kaisa Matomäki P30
Knots in Collapsible and Non-Collapsible Balls PDF
Bruno Benedetti, Frank H. Lutz P31
Upper-Bounding the $k$-Colorability Threshold by Counting Covers PDF
Amin Coja-Oghlan P32
Involutions on Standard Young Tableaux and Divisors on Metric Graphs PDF
Rohit Agrawal, Gregg Musiker, Vladimir Sotirov, Fan Wei P33
Symmetric Polynomials and Symmetric Mean Inequalities PDF
Karl Mahlburg, Clifford Smyth P34
Integral Circulant Ramanujan Graphs of Prime Power Order PDF
T. A. Le, J. W. Sander P35
On the Size of Kakeya Sets in Finite Vector Spaces PDF
Gohar Kyureghyan, Peter Müller, Qi Wang P36
Coloring 2-Intersecting Hypergraphs PDF
Lucas Colucci, András Gyárfás P37
Intersecting $k$-Uniform Families Containing all the $k$-Subsets of a Given Set PDF
Wei-Tian Li, Bor-Liang Chen, Kuo-Ching Huang, Ko-Wei Lih P38
New Spectral Bounds on the Chromatic Number Encompassing all Eigenvalues of the Adjacency Matrix PDF
Pawel Wocjan, Clive Elphick P39
On the Relationship between Pipe Dreams and Permutation Words PDF
Cameron Marcott P40
From Heaps of Matches to the Limits of Computability PDF
Urban Larsson, Johan Wästlund P41
Product Dimension of Forests and Bounded Treewidth Graphs PDF
L. Sunil Chandran, Rogers Mathew, Deepak Rajendraprasad, Roohani Sharma P42
Enumerating Finite Racks, Quandles and Kei PDF
Simon R. Blackburn P43
Shattering, Graph Orientations, and Connectivity PDF
László Kozma, Shay Moran P44
Delay Colourings of Cubic Graphs PDF
Agelos Georgakopoulos P45
Nordhaus-Gaddum Theorem for the Distinguishing Chromatic Number PDF
Karen L. Collins, Ann Trenk P46
Self-Avoiding Walks and the Fisher Transformation PDF
Geoffrey Grimmett, Zhongyang Li P47
Oriented Hypergraphs: Introduction and Balance PDF
Lucas J. Rusnak P48
The Size of Edge-critical Uniquely 3-Colorable Planar Graphs PDF
Naoki Matsumoto P49
A New Statistic on the Hyperoctahedral Groups PDF
Alexander Stasinski, Christopher Voll P50
Chains of Length 2 in Fillings of Layer Polyominoes PDF
Mitch Phillipson, Catherine H. Yan, Jean Yeh P51
A Note on the Acquaintance Time of Random Graphs PDF
William B. Kinnersley, Dieter Mitsche, Paweł Prałat P52
Linked Partitions and Permutation Tableaux PDF
William Y.C. Chen, Lewis H. Liu, Carol J. Wang P53
Rational Associahedra and Noncrossing Partitions PDF
Drew Armstrong, Brendon Rhoades, Nathan Williams P54
A Note on Forbidding Clique Immersions PDF
Matt DeVos, Jessica McDonald, Bojan Mohar, Diego Scheide P55
Note on Nordhaus-Gaddum Problems for Colin de Verdière type Parameters PDF
Wayne Barrett, Shaun M. Fallat, H. Tracy Hall, Leslie Hogben P56
On the Characteristic Polynomial of $n$-Cayley Digraphs PDF
Majid Arezoomand, Bijan Taeri P57
On Wilf Equivalence for Alternating Permutations PDF
Sherry H.F. Yan P58
The Range of a Random Walk on a Comb PDF
János Pach, Gábor Tardos P59

##journal.issn##: 1077-8926