Volume 20, Issue 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Distance-Regular Graphs with a Relatively Small Eigenvalue Multiplicity PDF
Jack H. Koolen, Joohyung Kim, Jongyook Park P1
Ramsey Properties of Permutations PDF
Julia Böttcher, Jan Foniok P2
T-systems with Boundaries from Network Solutions PDF
Philippe Di Francesco, Rinat Kedem P3
Hom Complexes of Set Systems PDF
Jakob Jonsson P4
Forbidden Submatrices: Some New Bounds and Constructions PDF
R.P. Anstee, Ruiyuan Chen P5
Covering n-Permutations with (n+1)-Permutations PDF
Taylor F Allison, Anant P Godbole, Kathryn M Hawley, Bill Kay P6
Statistical Distributions and $q$-Analogues of $k$-Fibonacci Numbers PDF
Adam M Goyt, Brady L Keller, Jonathan E Rue P7
Pattern Popularity in 132-Avoiding Permutations PDF
Kate Rudolph P8
Products and Sums Divisible by Central Binomial Coefficients PDF
Zhi-Wei Sun P9
Colourful Theorems and Indices of Homomorphism Complexes PDF
Gábor Simonyi, Claude Tardif, Ambrus Zsbán P10
A Family of Two-Variable Derivative Polynomials for Tangent and Secant PDF
Shi-Mei Ma P11
The Ramsey Number of Loose Paths in 3-Uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Leila Maherani, Gholam Reza Omidi, Ghaffar Raeisi, Maryam Shahsiah P12
The Maximal Number of Runs in Standard Sturmian Words PDF
Paweł Baturo, Marcin Piątkowski, Wojciech Rytter P13
On the Sprague-Grundy Values of the $\mathcal{F}$-Wythoff Game PDF
Yang Jiao P14
Scattered Linear Sets and Pseudoreguli PDF
Michel Lavrauw, Geertrui Van de Voorde P15
Towards Random Uniform Sampling of Bipartite Graphs with given Degree Sequence PDF
István Miklós, Péter L Erdős, Lajos Soukup P16
Cross-Intersecting Families of Labeled Sets PDF
Huajun Zhang P17
Monochromatic Path and Cycle Partitions in Hypergraphs PDF
András Gyárfás, Gábor N. Sárközy P18
Graphs with Large Distinguishing Chromatic Number PDF
Michael Cavers, Karen Seyffarth P19
The Canada Day Theorem PDF
Daniel Gomez, Hans Lundmark, Jacek Szmigielski P20
Nonconvexity of the Set of Hypergraph Degree Sequences PDF
Ricky Ini Liu P21
The Prime Stems of Rooted Circuits of Closure Spaces and Minimum Implicational Bases PDF
Masataka Nakamura, Kenji Kashiwabara P22
The Distinguishing Chromatic Number of Kneser Graphs PDF
Zhongyuan Che, Karen L. Collins P23
On a Class of Highly Symmetric k-Factorizations PDF
Tommaso Traetta P24
Finding a Princess in a Palace: a Pursuit-Evasion Problem PDF
John R Britnell, Mark Wildon P25
Extremal Hypergraphs for the Biased Erdős-Selfridge Theorem PDF
Eric Lars Sundberg P26
A New Determinant Expression for the Weighted Bartholdi Zeta Function of a Digraph PDF
Iwao Sato, Hideo Mitsuhasi, Hideaki Morita P27
Generalized Pattern Frequency in Large Permutations PDF
Joshua Cooper, Erik Lundberg, Brendan Nagle P28
Integral Cayley Graphs Generated by Distance Sets in Vector Spaces over Finite Fields PDF
Ngoc Dai Nguyen, Minh Hai Nguyen, Duy Hieu Do, Anh Vinh Le P29
New Computational Upper Bounds for Ramsey Numbers $R(3,k)$ PDF
Jan Goedgebeur, Stanisław P. Radziszowski P30
Biologically Unavoidable Sequences PDF
Samuel A Alexander P31
Families that Remain $k$-Sperner Even After Omitting an Element of their Ground Set PDF
Balázs Patkós P32
New Approach to the $k$-Independence Number of a Graph PDF
Yair Caro, Adriana Hansberg P33
Partitions and Compositions over Finite Fields PDF
Amela Muratovic-Ribic, Qiang Wang P34
Extremal Graphs Having No Stable Cutset PDF
Van Bang Le, Florian Pfender P35
Arc-transitive Pentavalent Graphs of Order 4pq PDF
Jiangmin Pan, Bengong Lou, Cuifeng Liu P36
Multiple Petersen Subdivisions in Permutation Graphs PDF
Tomáš Kaiser, Jean-Sébastien Sereni, Zelealem B. Yilma P37
Inequivalence of Difference Sets: On a Remark of Baumert PDF
Padraig Ó Catháin P38
Common Edges in Rooted Trees and Polygonal Triangulations PDF
Sean Cleary, Andrew Rechnitzer, Thomas Wong P39
Decomposing Sets of Inversions PDF
Lukas Katthän P40
Properties of the Corolla Polynomial of a 3-regular Graph PDF
Dirk Kreimer, Karen Yeats P41
Lehmer's Conjecture for Hermitian Matrices over the Eisenstein and Gaussian Integers PDF
Graeme Taylor, Gary Greaves P42
Optimization Problems over Unit-Distance Representations of Graphs PDF
Marcel Kenji de Carli Silva, Levent Tunçel P43
Induced Subarrays of Latin Squares Without Repeated Symbols PDF
R. Julian R. Abel, Nicholas J. Cavenagh, Jaromy Kuhl P44
Galkin Quandles, Pointed Abelian Groups, and Sequence A000712 PDF
William E. Clark, Xiang-dong Hou P45
Enumeration of Unlabeled Directed Hypergraphs PDF
Jianguo Qian P46
Residue Reduced Form of a Rational Function as an Iterated Laurent Series PDF
Xin Guo Ce, Zhou Yue P47
On The Binomial Edge Ideal of a Pair of Graphs PDF
Sara Saeedi Madani, Dariush Kiani P48
Toward a Graph Version of Rado's Theorem PDF
Andy Parrish P49
Ramsey Properties of Countably Infinite Partial Orderings PDF
Marcia J. Groszek P50
Nonrepetitive Colourings of Planar Graphs with $O(\log n)$ Colours PDF
Vida Dujmović, Gwenaël Joret, Fabrizio Frati, David R Wood P51
Some Remarks on the Joint Distribution of Descents and Inverse Descents PDF
Mirkó Visontai P52
Edge-Disjoint Induced Subgraphs with Given Minimum Degree PDF
Raphael Yuster P53
Combinatorial Tilings of the Sphere by Pentagons PDF
Min Yan P54
On some Generalized $q$-Eulerian Polynomials PDF
Zhicong Lin P55
A Family of Half-Transitive Graphs PDF
Jing Chen, Cai Heng Li, Ákos Seress P56
On Perfect Packings in Dense Graphs PDF
József Balogh, Alexandr Kostochka, Andrew Treglown P57
Perfect 1-Factorisations of Circulants with Small Degree PDF
Sarada Herke, Barbara Maenhaut P58
An Iterative Approach to the Traceability Conjecture for Oriented Graphs PDF
Susan van Aardt, Alewyn Burger, Jean Dunbar, Marietjie Frick, John Harris, Joy Singleton P59
Matchings in Random Biregular Bipartite Graphs PDF
Guillem Perarnau, Giorgis Petridis P60
Making a Graph Crossing-Critical by Multiplying its Edges PDF
Laurent Beaudou, César Hernández-Vélez, Gelasio Salazar P61
Edge Regular Graph Products PDF
Boštjan Frelih, Štefko Miklavič P62
An Involution Proof of the Alladi-Gordon Key Identity for Schur's Partition Theorem PDF
James J.Y. Zhao P63
Upper Bounds for Perfect Matchings in Pfaffian and Planar Graphs PDF
Afshin Behmaram, Shmuel Friedland P64
Extremal Graphs for Blow-Ups of Cycles and Trees PDF
Hong Liu P65
Hamiltonicity of Cubic 3-Connected k-Halin Graphs PDF
Shabnam Malik, Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi, Tudor Zamfirescu P66
Extremal Values of Ratios: Distance Problems vs. Subtree Problems in Trees PDF
László Székely, Hua Wang P67
On Some Small Classical Ramsey Numbers PDF
Geoffrey Exoo P68
Symmetry Breaking in Tournaments PDF
Antoni Lozano P69
Graph Labelings and Continuous Factors of Dynamical Systems PDF
Stephen M. Shea P70
Biregular Cages of Girth Five PDF
Marién Abreu, Gabriela Araujo-Pardo, Camino Balbuena, Domenico Labbate, Gloria López-Chávez P71
Enumeration of (16,4,16,4) Relative Difference Sets PDF
David Clark, Vladimir D. Tonchev P72
Stirling Numbers of Forests and Cycles PDF
David Galvin, Do Trong Thanh P73
The Cost of 2-Distinguishing Cartesian Powers PDF
Debra Boutin P74
Nonexistence of Almost Moore Digraphs of Diameter Four PDF
Josep Conde, Joan Gimbert, Josep González, Josep M. Miret, Ramiro Moreno P75
On 021-Avoiding Ascent Sequences PDF
William Y.C. Chen, Alvin Y.L. Dai, Theodore Dokos, Tim Dwyer, Bruce E. Sagan P76

ISSN: 1077-8926