Volume 24, Issue 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Majority Bootstrap Percolation on $G(n,p)$ PDF
Cecilia Holmgren, Tomas Juškevičius, Nathan Kettle P1.1
Sidorenko's Conjecture, Colorings and Independent Sets PDF
Péter Csikvári, Zhicong Lin P1.2
Flag Bicolorings, Pseudo-Orientations, and Double Covers of Maps PDF
Hiroki Koike, Daniel Pellicer, Miguel Raggi, Steve Wilson P1.3
The Polytope of $k$-Star Densities PDF
Johannes Rauh P1.4
Abaci Structures of $(s, ms\pm1)$-Core Partitions PDF
Rishi Nath, James A. Sellers P1.5
Pattern Avoidance and Young Tableaux PDF
Zhousheng Mei, Suijie Wang P1.6
The Extremal Function for Cycles of Length $\ell$ mod $k$ PDF
Benny Sudakov, Jacques Verstraete P1.7
Enumerating Matroids of Fixed Rank PDF
Rudi Pendavingh, Jorn van der Pol P1.8
Signed Lozenge Tilings PDF
D. Cook II, Uwe Nagel P1.9
Mixed Ehrhart polynomials PDF
Christian Haase, Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke, Raman Sanyal, Thorsten Theobald P1.10
Flow Polynomials as Feynman Amplitudes and their $\alpha$-Representation PDF
Andrey Kuptsov, Eduard Lerner, Sofya Mukhamedjanova P1.11
An Application of Hoffman Graphs for Spectral Characterizations of Graphs PDF
Qianqian Yang, Aida Abiad, Jack H. Koolen P1.12
Rainbow Matchings and Rainbow Connectedness PDF
Alexey Pokrovskiy P1.13
On Star Forest Ascending Subgraph Decomposition PDF
Josep M. Aroca, Anna Lladó P1.14
The Maximal Order of Hyper-($b$-ary)-expansions PDF
Michael Coons, Lukas Spiegelhofer P1.15
New Feasibility Conditions for Directed Strongly Regular Graphs PDF
Sylvia A. Hobart, Jason Williford P1.16
On a Permutation Problem for Finite Abelian Groups PDF
Fan Ge, Zhi-Wei Sun P1.17
Partitioning Random Graphs into Monochromatic Components PDF
Deepak Bal, Louis DeBiasio P1.18
(Total) Domination in Prisms PDF
Jernej Azarija, Michael Henning, Sandi Klavžar P1.19
Permutations that Destroy Arithmetic Progressions in Elementary $p$-Groups PDF
Noam D. Elkies, Ashvin A. Swaminathan P1.20
Algebraic Properties of Chromatic Roots PDF
Peter J. Cameron, Kerri Morgan P1.21
Paths vs. Stars in the Local Profile of Trees PDF
Éva Czabarka, László Székely, Stephan Wagner P1.22
Colorful Subhypergraphs in Uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Meysam Alishahi P1.23
On the Number of $r$-Matchings in a Tree PDF
Dong Yeap Kang, Jaehoon Kim, Younjin Kim, Hiu-Fai Law P1.24
Permanent Index of Matrices Associated with Graphs PDF
Tsai-Lien Wong, Xuding Zhu P1.25
A General Method to Determine Limiting Optimal Shapes for Edge-Isoperimetric Inequalities PDF
Ellen Veomett, Emmanuel Tsukerman P1.26
On the Multicolor Ramsey Number for 3-Paths of Length Three PDF
Tomasz Łuczak, Joanna Polcyn P1.27
Small Subgraphs in the Trace of a Random Walk PDF
Michael Krivelevich, Peleg Michaeli P1.28
Symmetric Graphs with Respect to Graph Entropy PDF
Seyed Saeed Changiz Rezaei, Ehsan Chiniforooshan P1.29
Rigged Configurations for all Symmetrizable Types PDF
Ben Salisbury, Travis Scrimshaw P1.30
Elliptic Rook and File Numbers PDF
Michael J. Schlosser, Meesue Yoo P1.31
Anti-Power Prefixes of the Thue-Morse Word PDF
Colin Defant P1.32
Refining the Hierarchies of Classes of Geometric Intersection Graphs PDF
Sergio Cabello, Miha Jejčič P1.33
Rainbow Turán Problems for Paths and Forests of Stars PDF
Daniel Johnston, Cory Palmer, Amites Sarkar P1.34
Strong Games Played on Random Graphs PDF
Asaf Ferber, Pascal Pfister P1.35
Ramsey Numbers of Connected Clique Matchings PDF
Barnaby Roberts P1.36
The Three Colour Hat Guessing Game on Cycle Graphs PDF
Witold Szczechla P1.37
A $q$-Analog of Foulkes' Conjecture PDF
François Bergeron P1.38
Inversion Generating Functions for Signed Pattern Avoiding Permutations PDF
Naiomi T. Cameron, Kendra Killpatrick P1.39
On Bipartite Cages of Excess 4 PDF
Slobodan Filipovski P1.40
Minimal Orbits of Promotion PDF
Kevin Purbhoo, Donguk Rhee P1.41
King-Serf Duo by Monochromatic Paths in $k$-Edge-Coloured Tournaments PDF
Kristóf Bérczi, Attila Joó P1.42
A Lower Bound on the Diameter of the Flip Graph PDF
Fabrizio Frati P1.43
Behavior of Digital Sequences Through Exotic Numeration Systems PDF
Julien Leroy, Michel Rigo, Manon Stipulanti P1.44
Guessing Numbers of Odd Cycles PDF
Ross Atkins, Puck Rombach, Fiona Skerman P1.45
$\delta$-Connectivity in Random Lifts of Graphs PDF
Shashwat Silas P1.46
Strongly Connected Multivariate Digraphs PDF
Yaokun Wu, Zeying Xu, Yinfeng Zhu P1.47
A Note on Non-$\mathbb{R}$-Cospectral Graphs PDF
Fenjin Liu, Wei Wang P1.48
Lattices Related to Extensions of Presentations of Transversal Matroids PDF
Joseph E. Bonin P1.49
On the Minimum Length of Linear Codes over the Field of 9 Elements PDF
Kazuki Kumegawa, Ysukasa Okazaki, Tatsuya Maruta P1.50
On KM-Arcs in Small Desarguesian Planes PDF
Peter Vandendriessche P1.51
On a Vertex-Minimal Triangulation of $\mathbb R \mathrm P ^4$ PDF
Sonia Balagopalan P1.52
On 1212-Avoiding Restricted Growth Functions PDF
Zhicong Lin, Shishuo Fu P1.53
A Square Root Map on Sturmian Words PDF
Jarkko Peltomäki, Markus A. Whiteland P1.54
On the Number of Non-Zero Elements of Joint Degree Vectors PDF
Éva Czabarka, Johannes Rauh, Kayvan Sadeghi, Taylor Short, László Székely P1.55
Colored Triangulations of Arbitrary Dimensions are Stuffed Walsh Maps PDF
Valentin Bonzom, Luca Lionni, Vincent Rivasseau P1.56
On the Schur Expansion of Hall-Littlewood and Related Polynomials via Yamanouchi Words PDF
Austin Roberts P1.57
An Inertial Lower Bound for the Chromatic Number of a Graph PDF
Clive Elphick, Pawel Wocjan P1.58
Forbidden Berge Hypergraphs PDF
R. P. Anstee, Santiago Salazar P1.59
On $q$-Quasiadditive and $q$-Quasimultiplicative Functions PDF
Sara Kropf, Stephan Wagner P1.60
Transitive Avoidance Games PDF
J. Robert Johnson, Imre Leader, Mark Walters P1.61
On the Smallest Non-Trivial Tight Sets in Hermitian Polar Spaces PDF
Jan De Beule, Klaus Metsch P1.62
A Note on the Weak Dirac Conjecture PDF
Zeye Han P1.63
Dinv and Area PDF
Adriano Garsia, Guoce Xin P1.64
On the Queue-Number of Graphs with Bounded Tree-Width PDF
Veit Wiechert P1.65

ISSN: 1077-8926